Natural Energy and SolarEdge Technology

Simple easy to read inverters


Located next to your panel is a simple touch screen HD wave inverter, always on always saving you money on utility bills

Optimizers the only solution


Our Hanwha 365w or 385w panels are digitally controlled with a 400w SolarEdge Optimizer integrated directly on the panel.

Real Time Data


We can monitor all of our installed systems in real time. Any problems we are their to fix them before our customers even know.

Customer Monitoring


Our customers have full access to the SolarEdge site including mobile capabilities.

How much power are you making and how much are you saving?

Multiple Panel Configuration


Natural Energy Generation can upgrade your current system, even if you already have panels installed. In the photo above we added 8 -  365w Hanwha panels to the existing 12 - 275w previously installed panels. Changed the inverter to a SE6000H. 



Can we install panels in the Winter? Yes

Do they work in the Winter? Yes

Best output? Cold & Clear skies

Worst output? Extreme hot smoky days

Snow? Wait for a Chinook/Pineapple express

Partially covered? Not an issue due to the use of Optimizers by SolarEdge

Best place for Solar? Southern Alberta or BC

Do all panels have to be facing South? Not any more due to the use of Hanwha Panel Technology and SolarEdge Optimizers 

Does the investment retain its value? Yes, on average it increases the value of your home or business property 3-5%

SolarEdge Technology

Natural Energy only uses SolarEdge Technology